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Escape Inventory


Downloading files at build or deployment time is one of those common tasks that Escape tries to cover.

Escape Plan

Downloads are configured in the Escape Plan under the downloads field.

Field Type Description
url string The URL to download from. This field is required.
dest string The destination path.
overwrite bool Overwrite the destination path if it already exists.
if_not_exists [string] Only perform this download if none of the paths in this list exist. Supports glob patterns (for example: "*.zip")
unpack bool Should Escape try and unpack the destination path after download? Supported extensions: .zip, .tgz, .tar.gz, .tar.
platform string Only perform this download if the platform matches this value. Can be used to do platform dependent builds.
arch string Only perform this download if the architecture matches this string. Can be used to do architecture dependent builds.
scopes [string] A list of scopes (build, deploy) that defines during which stage(s) this download should be performed.