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Errands are an Escape mechanism that make it easy to run operational and publication tasks against deployed packages. They can be used to implement backup procedures, user management, scalability controls, binary publications, etc. Errands are a good idea whenever a task needs to be aware of Environments.

You can inspect and run Errands using the escape errands command.

Escape Plan

Errands are configured in the Escape Plan under the errands field.

Field Type Description
name string The name of the errand. This field is required.
description string An optional description of the errand.
script string The location of the script performing the actual work.
The script has access to the deployment inputs and outputs as enviroment variables. For example: an input with "id": "input_variable" will be accessible as INPUT_input_variable; and an output with "id": "output_variable" as OUTPUT_output_variable.
inputs [variables.Variable] A list of Variables. The values will be made available to the script (along with the regular deployment inputs and outputs) as environment variables. For example: a variable with "id": "input_variable" will be accessible as environment variable INPUT_input_variable