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 Providers and Consumers

Unlike Dependencies, which are resolved at build time and provide tight coupling, we can use Consumers and Providers to resolve and loosely couple dependencies at deployment time.

To signal that a package implements a certain interface, e.g. “my-interface”, we can define it as a provider in the Escape plan:

- my-interface

Packages that require a “my-interface” can define that in their Escape Plan as well:

- my-interface

When building or deploying the consumer Escape now makes sure that it also has access to a provider’s output variables. You can only link consumers to providers in the same environment. Escape will link up consumers with providers automatically if there’s only a single provider of a particular interface; other times providers need to be specified with the -p flag. For example:

escape run deploy my-project/my-consumer-v1.0.0 -p my-interface=provider-deployment

To list providers in an environment you can use the escape state show-providers command.

Wrapper Packages

Providers and consumers provide a loose coupling, but sometimes we know exactly what provider implementation we want to use. In this case we can create a wrapper release that uses one dependency as the provider for the next:

- release_id: my-project/postgres-provider-latest as postgres
- release_id: my-project/my-application-latest
	  postgres: $postgres.deployment

To read more about wrapper releases see the blog post.

Escape Plan

Consumers are configured in the consumes field of the Escape Plan.

Providers are configured in the provides field of the Escape Plan.

Field Type Description
name string The name of the interface. Can be renamed using the as syntax. For example: kubernetes as k8s, postgres, postgres as db
scopes [string] A list of scopes (build, deploy) that defines during which stage(s) this dependency should be fetched and deployed. Also see [build_consumes](/docs/reference/escape-plan/#build_consumes] and [deploy_consumes](/docs/reference/escape-plan/#deploy_consumes].
variable string The variable used to reference this consumer. Overwriting this field in the Escape plan has no effect.