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 What is Escape?

Escape is a cross-cloud release engineering kit that aims to reach a few goals:

Goal 1: Managing Multiple Environments

Whether it’s source code. cloud infrastructure, data or documentation; most artefacts go through one or several phases before going live. Often this means that there will be at least one environment that is as close to the real thing as possible so that the business can develop and test new features, but on big projects there may be dozens; some only short-lived.

Managing, promoting and changing configuration between these different environments can often be quite difficult. Escape’s goal is to make managing multiple environments easier and automatable.

Goal 2: Different Layers, Different Tools, Same Process

Different artefacts are often built and configured using different tools. For example: we may be building a Docker image using the docker command and deploy the image using the kubectl command on a Kubernetes cluster that was built on AWS using the terraform command.

Having different tools targetting different layers makes it hard to orchestrate the deployment of a complete environment and to verify its consistency. Escape’s goal is to make it easy to compose packages, potentially containing different kind of artefacts, into entire platforms.

Goal 3: Enable Best Practices in Modern Release Engineering

A modern software application stacks consists of many different layers that all need to be versioned, configured, deployed and operated differently. The integration points between these layers are often bespoke, hard to change, and full of technical debt.

Escape’s goal is to bring and somewhat standardise the best practices in release engineering, but without being overly opinionated.

Goal 4: To Make All Packages Identifiable and Environments Self-Documenting

It can be hard to find out what version is live, what version has passed integration tests, what change was deployed, who authored it, etc.

Escape should enable you to make everything:

  • Identifiable
  • Reproducible
  • Consistent